Summer Weight Loss Tips

This is the time of year everybody usually thinks about being ready for the beach, so here are some tips to get you dropping weight and feeling better.
First of all love your body and your life and want to be the healthiest you can be.

1.Eat mindfully, in order to properly nourish your body, you must feed it REAL foods. Not processed, packaged,”stuff in boxes and bags” but real wholesome food. When you eat whole foods that properly nourish you, you typically get fuller faster and end up eating less overall because nourishing foods fill you up better and faster than junk. Real foods are usually lower in calories than bugers, fries and pizza which are all dead non living foods. When you’re properly nourished, you will stay full longer and be satisfied longer, in turn reduces chances of binging or late night snacking.
Choose whole plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, peas, nuts, and seeds, to fill your day with great tasting meals.

2. Skip the sugar (but not the sweet taste)!

3. Watch portions only on the foods that you know are high in fat or sugar without fiber.

4. Healthy Fats do not make you fat they actually make you skinny.

5. Remember to eat because you must eat to lose weight, which means, do not skip meals and get your metabolism going by eating in the morning, even if it is a small amount of food.

6. Vitamin D is critical too for signaling leptin to tell the brain not to eat anymore.

7. Do not deprive yourself of textures and tastes you love.

8. Nourish your thyroid by including sea vegetables in your diet as they contain minerals that are crucial for healthy metabolism.

9. Get plenty of good quality sleep.

10. Reduce stress in your life.

11. Consider eliminating wheat and gluten, if you are still having trouble with some extra pounds and if you are having any blood sugar or digestive issues.

12. Get plenty of exercise in a form that you will enjoy.

13. Consider a natural cleanse or detox program.

14. Think positive and speak kindly to yourself and about yourself to others. Love yourself.

To your health!

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