First Week Down

This has been an amazing week! I almost can’t believe it has only been a week, feels like longer and the amount of information and hands on work has been amazing. Homework one night this week was to develope a salad dressing and soup recipe. We have been working in teams and I have 3 others in my team. My salad dressing recipe was choosen for us to make by our instructor. I was very happy with how it came out. The last day of the week we had a test on everything we have learned so far. Today we started our two day intensive on the science of raw foods. I felt good knowing alot of what was being said today. The others that are staying here at the inn as well as me had mentioned that is was a full day and rather alot to take in, they just are not as well versed in the nutrition part of why you should eat a diet of plant based food backed by scientific research. I have been reading for years, I had an advantage and a quicker understaning of the doctors information.

The inn is a great place as you get to know all the people in your course better and they are all so lovely! The kitchen is always a buzz with students preparing food for dinner, the next day or making some Chia pudding or dehydrating snacks or fruit. Talking about the day and laughing together. Some of the students are taking other courses than the one I am taking, many are here to take the next level of science, level 2 and 3 as well.

What I am really hoping to do is help more people and keep spreading the word and the health not to mention the LOVE.

To Your Health

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