Raw Culinary Training

Hello, fellow nutrition followers.

I am embarking on an amazing journey starting today. I am in Fort Bragg, CA taking a 3 week, 157 hour intensive raw culinary course. This is the only school in the world that is a certified raw school. The students have come from as far away as Japan, India, Belgium and Australlia. Day one was fundamentals of raw food. This day was really a day of demos and learning some basics. I have been playing with raw food for a couple of years now and I felt I wanted to get some formal training on this subject. Today they covered soaking, sprouting, and kitchen gardening. Making veggie kraut and other fermented foods. Making nut milks, creams, and non dairy cheese.This also covered the equipment used for making raw food including food processors, juicers and dehydrators. I was very impressed how much information was giving today with a clear and simple understanding. We were tantalized with all the samples and had a wonderful buffet lunch. So far so good but it really left me eager to learn more as I have done the things that the instructors showed us today on my own with just reading and playing in my own kitchen.
The School is in the hart of the town on main street and I am staying in an inn that the school has bought called The Living Light Inn, it was built in 1912 and was purchased in 2006. The inn is beautiful the walls are constructed of wood lap board, a type of construction known as Craftsman Style, now rarely used because of the expense. The whole house has a full water filtration system and they use all eco-friendly products. Tomorrow we learn knife skills, I will keep you posted on my progress.


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