About Cynthia

cynthia_aboutHello, and welcome to my world of wellness & nutrition. I am Cynthia Norton and I am so glad you are visiting.

I received my training from Global College of Natural Medicine, an integrative nutrition world-class training program, and learned from luminaries in the field of health and wellness. I have also dedicated the last twenty plus years to reading and gathering information from many different sources and I am constantly researching new and cutting edge information related to nutrition, anti-aging and super foods.

As a young person I wanted to get healthy before I got pregnant, I went to Ceder Sinai and started my journey on total health and wellness. I worked on myself and did juice fasting, herbs and more whole foods. I have done most everything concerning food and sometimes I did not do too good as it is not an easy task to eat healthy.  With three kids and a husband it was a job to convince everybody to get on board. I never gave my kids any bottled baby food and I would bring over a half of avocado for my child’s lunch to my mother-in-laws and she would say what the heck is this and I would comely answer his lunch. As the children got older I did a good job but it is difficult when they get to the real world of  the tasty food others offered.

I always came back to nutrition and as I get older I have gone even further on my quest. I feel really good, have a lot of energy and lucky I have no health concerns at all. I love to eat but I also love the food to be good and not processed, It is possible! Now I do more raw and just plain whole foods and offer nutritional consulting services and teach cooking classes as well.  I hope to inspire and help others in their journey.

To Your Health,