fruits-veggiesLife is complex with many aspects to deal with everyday. I know we all need to make money to live and feed our family. In my estimation though, food has become one of our biggest single problems we deal with. This is not our personal faults and I am not going to point the finger at anyone. Although we have become so disconnected with what we put in our bodies. We rush around; we drive through fast food establishments (I will not call them restaurants). We eat on the go, not chewing our food more than a few times for each bite. Did you know your food is actually digested in the mouth before it even gets to the stomach? The mouth saliva is what breaks down the food and sends the message to the stomach to what is coming down for digestion and intern produces the proper digestive enzymes to break that certain food down. They say your food should be almost liquid when it is swallowed.

The food we are eating is not connected to the earth like it use to be, most food in supermarkets today are manufactured by corporations to make a profit, not to make everybody healthy, do they care if it causes obesity or cancer? No! It has so much sugar, white flour, salt, dyes and preservatives. If you were to read the ingredients it looks more like a science project. What it does is satisfy your taste buds which are hard wired for sugar, salt and fats and it gives you a false sense of satisfaction devoid of nutrients. I call it the roller coaster affect, it fills you up (and out) for about fifteen minuets but then you crash back downhill again and are hungry because your body did not get the vitamins and minerals it needs to feed your CELLS and DNA and intern your body is still hungry. Our poor bodies were never designed to process these types of ingredients.

Add to this all the chemical and synthetic poisons we take in everyday from water, air, household chemicals, chemicals in our food system, over the counter medications, prescription medications if you take any, and the list goes on and on. This all goes through the liver and ultimately tries to exit the colon, which is most likely backed up so it reabsorbs into your body. Almost every degenerative disease and problem our body and mind (yes emotional too) has today can be traced to a gummed up colon. Everything from heart disease and high blood pressure to hardening of the arteries, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue, eye problems, wrinkles, prostate, breast, rheumatism, anger, irritability, cancer, PMS, ect.

It is my goal to teach and share my knowledge about nutrition with you. Through these pages you will find recipes, articles, classes, and services that I offer.

To YOUR Health